The challenge.

Toncam Cleaning closed its doors on its business during the coronavirus pandemic, and the busy directors were pleased to be able to access support from Goldwells in Kingussie.

Director of Toncam Cleaning, Glen Tonkin was forced to temporarily shut his cleaning and restoration business as well as his Kingussie high street showroom.

He said: “We were forced to close on the 23rd March, as our work, a floor restoration service and interior shop, was not classed as essential. Most of our business comes from the hospitality and tourism sector, which of course closed overnight, so our income dropped off completely. Hospitality and tourism are essential to the Highlands – both in terms of day visitors and longer holidaymakers. That sector keeps many of us busy and with good livelihoods so it was a shock to see that disappear.

“We had some contracts which continued as they were considered essential, but I could no longer afford to keep paying all my staff with the dramatically reduced level of income. The domestic side of the business stopped as soon as we were being advised by the Government not to go into other people’s houses.

“As well as being a director of the business, I work in it as well, as do my family members, so keeping the company going was vital for us all. Like everyone else, we listened to the various announcements about government support and knew I could rely upon Goldwells to offer business advice.”

The response.

“We discussed the company cash flow and financial projections with Lorna at Goldwells, and decided to furlough five members of staff, which was a difficult but necessary decision. We were also advised to apply for the Government’s £10,000 grant which we I am glad to say we received and we have also applied for other grants to help keep both of our businesses afloat.

“The help from the UK and Scottish Governments have been important as it would have been difficult to see a future for our businesses without it. The furlough scheme pays for some of our staff costs, but we still have rent and other costs associated with running the businesses so the grants have been essential.

“I’ve been really pleased with the support from Goldwells which was invaluable in helping us to make vital business decisions that should put us in a far healthier position once the lockdown eases.”